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Simple Solution to Complex Questions

A Law firm committed to providing practical, high quality, timely, and responsive Customer support to our clients in our core areas.

What we are 'Expert' at

Legal Practice Areas

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Intellectual Property Law

We strive to provide our clients with values, strategic, and easy-to-go solutions. IPR covers most of the human effort and creativity. Whether patent, trademark, or copyright, we extend our services through the diverse sector of the law.

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Environment Law

We simplify the complexity involved in environmental law. We use our skills and expertise to aid our clients and represent them in legal issues like clean technology, water law, subjects relating to land and air, and many more environmental issues.

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Arbitration and Mediation

We are the one-stop destination for resolving civil disputes without going to court. We provide accurate, reliable, cost-effective, and timely services to save clients’ time in court processing.

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Cyber Law

Cyber laws work to prevent and handle crimes committed using information technology. Being professional at handling cybercrime cases, we let our client rest assured. We provide comprehensive legal services to protect our clients from cyber crimes and remedy to prevent any hacking or phishing, or any other mode of cybercrime.

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Armed Forces Tribunal

We serve service-associated matters to all the three wings of the armed services of India - the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy. To employ fair justice, we handle the cases of jurisdiction, disability, pension, or issues relating to medical.

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Paralegal: Contracts Drafting

To make the challenging work easy and appropriate, we work harder to draft contracts legally correct. We understand the client's requirement and draft the contract mindfully so that there is no hassle for either of the parties involved. We analyse the drafts and prepare templates that best suit the client’s needs.

About us

This full-service law firm located in Chennai, India headed by an Indian Air Force Veteran to provide genuine quality legal services to its clients at an affordable price and quality.

Further, the focus is also to spread the knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights among school and college students who are going to be India’s budding Scientists, Technocrats and Engineers apart from being creators, entrepreneurs and others.

The firm commits to combine knowledge of law with the highest ethical practices. The firm believes in . . . . .

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