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Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT)

The primary right of any person is access to quick and fair justice. When you’re looking to defend yourself in a court of law, you need the best advice from a specialised person. The court and judiciary are overloaded with a dozen cases, and to find a good help for yourself, only a great advocate can top up your game. To keep you in a legal position and protect your right, a professional is focused on representing you.

If you’re an armed force personnel and wish to appeal in the Armed Forces Tribunal, a lawyer can be able to handle your case. Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyers in Chennai present you with the vision to bring justice and a favourable position for you!

TRM & Associates having an experienced Military vertran as its founder and with other experts have a professional perspective to cases like yours and understand the case procedures! We offer a result-oriented approach and aid you by having a detailed discussion over your matter for effective justice.

What Is the Armed Forces Tribunal?

A military tribunal in India is what defines AFT in Chennai! It was established on 8th August 2009 and became a statutory body under the Armed Forces Tribunal Act 2007. This tribunal follows a strict procedure of what has been practiced in the High Courts of India.

Being the chairperson of the Armed Forces Tribunal, only a retired SC judge or a retired Chief Justice of the high court can become a part of it!

None of the paramilitary forces can show its presence or be considered a part of the jurisdiction. The Tribunal is the one in charge of hearing out any complaint that is related to service matters. These service matters consider the Army Act of 1950, the Navy Act of 1957, and the Air Force Act of 1950. It means any case involving payment, tenure, leave, training, promotion, and trial is handled well.

Armed Forces Tribunal Act

The Parliament passed Armed Forces Tribunal Act, which considered disputes and complaints in many aspects. It includes commission, appointment, enrolments, condition of services and more!

Further, the Act also considers any appeal that arises due to the orders, findings and sentences of court-martials that are taken place under the act. The principal bench of the armed force tribunal is in New Delhi, spreading its branches throughout Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai even Chandigarh, Guwahati and Kochi.

What Type of Cases Does AFT Lawyers Handle?

  • The responsibility of Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyers in Chennai is to prosecute or defend their clients. It can be concerning cases of discipline or disobedience of lawful commands.

  • As an Armed Forces Personnel, you may find yourself in a legal pitfall. You may need to appeal that it arises out of order. Or, it can be due to the findings or sentences of the courts-martial. To represent you in such matters, you may need a professional to help you.

  • These lawyers are responsible for handling your case in all courts throughout India. They are in charge of filing, handling, and giving justice in your favour.

  • The foremost responsibility of having armed force personnel is they will help you appeal to the Armed Forces Tribunal. Their assistance will guide you in handling the case appropriately and bringing justice in your favour.

Services We Provide

Our team of specialized Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyers in Chennai process and defend cases concerning disobedience or discipline. We have a team of specialized AFT lawyers who cater to the needs of all three armed services! You can contact us if you are looking to file an AFT case or anything related to the Navy, Army, and Air Force Tribunal.

We know that the AFT in Chennai takes into account the justice of service-associated matters. And these concern three services of India, such as the Army, Air force, and Navy. We understand that all armed forces service members have the right and they have the human right to approach the Armed Forces Tribunal and seek fair justice.

Our advocates have handled many cases of jurisdiction, disability, pension and even medical.

We are in charge of providing you with highly crisp and clear legal advice. Our team of specialized lawyers in each discipline offers expertise from practice.

Consult Our Best Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyers in Chennai

We believe experienced Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyers in Chennai can make your legal experience clear and quick. Our legal advocates have been handling similar cases like yours and other AFT cases. The Lawyers in Chennai here are committed to addressing matters with a result-driven mindset. We take each case professionally to bring ethical results for you. Our wealth of experience and great expertise will offer suggested advice that matters.

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